Company Overview

    • Overview
    • Case Anywhere is a national on-line legal case management and e-service provider. Founded by experienced attorneys and technology veterans, the Case Anywhere team has created a web-based software that aggregates various case management functions in an easy-to-use program. Through our website, court and counsel can efficiently manage their cases in the office or on the road.

      The proprietary Case Anywhere software application enables users to electronically serve litigation documents, sort and search case records, calendar important events, access deposition transcripts, and communicate over a secure Internet connection.

      From two-party disputes in state court to federal multi-district litigations, the benefits of Case Anywhere are available to court and counsel in civil cases of all sizes and complexities. Use of the Case Anywhere system begins once a case is signed up – through a court order or by agreement of counsel. The court and all case attorneys are then provided secure, web-based access to the full functionality of our software for that proceeding. The Case Anywhere system can also be set up solely for attorneys without involvement of the court.

      The Case Anywhere team is pleased to deliver a powerful and cost-effective tool for litigation management. We look forward to serving you today and on many cases in the future.