Document Management

    • Document Management
    • All case documents are only key strokes away with Case Anywhere’s document management module. When a document is electronically served through our system, Case Anywhere indexes the record and stores it for access by users. As the litigation proceeds, a real-time electronic file cabinet of motions, discovery, orders and other case documents is created.

      Access to the records is only part of the story. The filing system must be easy to navigate, yet powerful. Moreover, locating a particular record among hundreds or thousands of documents should not be a time-consuming task. Case Anywhere addresses these challenges through two separate interfaces.

      Date View provides a list of cases records organized and sortable by date and time of service, submitting law firm, type of document, title of document, and number of pages. Through Date View, for example, users can quickly locate recently served documents or group all documents submitted by a particular law firm. Category View employs a folder and sub-folder structure to aggregate documents according to type. Related documents within a given category are further sorted and grouped. Through Category View, for example, all motion documents are grouped together, and all documents relating to a single motion can be easily isolated from other motion documents.

      In either format, users can view, print, or download any document uploaded to Case Anywhere for their case. Through our export mechanism, all case documents can also be downloaded to your local computer in a single transmission for off-line access.

      By using Case Anywhere’s document management module, attorneys will save substantial time and effort. Case documents can be electronically sorted and displayed in seconds. Locating records is easy, not a challenge. Traveling no longer means carting bulky litigation files or wondering what recently served case documents are waiting in your inbox. Case records can be quickly retrieved and reviewed in time-sensitive situations such as at depositions and court hearings. Arranging for the distribution of documents to various attorneys within a firm requires a password, not a printer run. 

      With worldwide access to Case Anywhere through the Internet, your case documents are only a click away.