• Overview
    • The cornerstone of the Case Anywhere system is the e-service module. Through this module, attorneys avoid the expense and inconvenience of paper-based service by electronically transmitting their case documents through a secure, encrypted Internet connection.

      The process is simple. After accessing an upload screen in our web-based software application, a user selects the document to be served from his computer system and submits it electronically to Case Anywhere. Once submitted, the document is automatically converted to a universal format (pdf file) viewable by all authorized users. Within minutes, notification of the document upload is sent to the email addresses of all case attorneys based on a previously compiled service list. Service is complete! 

      Documents that are available in paper form only are not a problem.  An electronic version can be created by scanning these records. Alternatively, fax or mail us the document and we can do the rest for you.

      The e-service process does not modify existing court filing requirements. Documents that must be filed are submitted to the court by you in accordance with applicable rules. Judges, however, also have access to case documents through the Case Anywhere system.

      By e-serving case documents on other attorneys, substantial costs savings are likely to be realized. Postage fees, courier fees, copying fees, and administrative time dedicated to assembling documents for service are eliminated. Moreover, mistakes in the service process such as failing to mail documents to a particular law firm, incorrectly addressing an envelope, or transmitting to the wrong fax number are no longer a concern.