Message Board

    • Message Board
    • Every proceeding signed up by Case Anywhere has its own real-time message board. Through this module, attorneys and the court can post and reply to messages relating to case matters. Once a message is uploaded to the Case Anywhere system, it is included in a listing with other bulletins that can be ordered by date and time or grouped by message thread. The text of postings is also sent out by e-mail to all users.

      A hub of communication for court and counsel, the message board is a powerful case management tool. Tasks which previously required multiple phone calls and correspondence are easily accomplished through this interface. Among other uses, attorneys can access the message board to coordinate schedules, arrange for conference calls, provide notice, post reminders, and transmit emergency requests.

      Judges can also actively utilize the message board as a convenient means of communicating with counsel. Posting tentative rulings, focusing matters for upcoming oral argument, clarifying court orders, and transmitting administrative information through case bulletins represent only a few of the possible judicial uses of this medium. As all case attorneys receive notification of each posted message, ex parte communication concerns are eliminated.

      Communication with court and counsel has never been easier.