Signing Up

    • Signing Up
    • Use of the Case Anywhere system begins once a case is signed up, either by agreement of counsel or through entry of a court order. Although court involvement is not required, our service is often instituted through an electronic case management order. To get you started, Case Anywhere has prepared a model order which is available free of charge. Our services are provided without cost to the court.

      Proceedings of all shapes and sizes are candidates for the Case Anywhere system. Our proprietary software is designed to handle civil actions at the federal and state level in their various forms, from two-party disputes to class actions, multi-district litigations, coordinated proceedings, consolidated matters, and related cases. Our service can also be introduced at any stage of a litigation. Documents served prior to sign up can easily be included to create a complete case file. Alternatively, users can choose to implement Case Anywhere on a going forward basis, leaving previously served litigation documents in paper form.

      The Case Anywhere team is experienced at working with court and counsel to get your case up and running. If you are interested in using our service on one of your current or future litigations, please contact us. We will be happy to further discuss our capabilities and pricing structure. Live presentations and web demonstrations of the Case Anywhere system can also be arranged.

      We look forward to serving you today and on many cases in the future.