• Security
    • Case Anywhere's primary server hardware is hosted in a secure, state of the art, data center in Los Angeles, California. Case Anywhere routinely backs up all data to ensure that complete case records exist in multiple, geographically disperse locations. External and internal firewalls and other security measures are set up to prevent unauthorized access to the server data.

      Use of the Case Anywhere system is limited to individuals that provide authentication through a unique username/password combination. Users are provided access only to those cases in which they are directly involved, and permission to access the Case Anywhere system for a particular proceeding is revoked when a user leaves the case.

      Data transfer to and from Case Anywhere through our proprietary, web-based software is encrypted using strong 256-bit secure socket layer (SSL) technology. When a browser points to our secured domain, an SSL handshake authenticates the server and the user, establishing an encryption method and a unique session key. The secure session ensures the privacy and integrity of data transmission. Verisign®, the recognized industry leader in Internet security, has issued an SSL certificate for our website.

      Case Anywhere recognizes that security and user uptime are critical in managing litigation over the Internet. To meet these demands, the Case Anywhere team regularly reviews its security and maintenance procedures, and consults with independent experts to implement the best possible solutions.