Company Mission

    • Mission
    • Case Anywhere’s mission is to provide court and counsel with an on-line legal case management service that is easy-to-use, flexible, and cost-effective. To fulfill its mission, the Case Anywhere team has designed its software with three guiding principles in mind:

      • The user interface should be simple to navigate and intuitive: Individuals have different comfort levels with technology and limited time for training. Whether you use Case Anywhere for one case or many, the experience should not be a challenge.
      • The system should be flexible enough to handle federal and state court cases in all their variations: As all litigations are not created equal, the set-up and functionality for one case may be different than another. Case Anywhere’s software is designed to handle smaller disputes as well as more complex offerings, including class actions, multi-district litigations, coordinated proceedings, consolidated matters, and related cases.
      • The cost savings and convenience realized in using Case Anywhere should be substantial: Users of the Case Anywhere system should realize dramatic efficiencies, including the following:  
        • By e-serving case documents on other parties, expenses associated with traditional service methods are eliminated – no postage, no courier fees, no copying costs, and no administrative time dedicated to assembling documents.
        • Attorney and paralegal time is saved by using Case Anywhere’s searchable and sortable electronic file cabinet and deposition library to quickly retrieve and review case documents and transcripts.
        • The message board facilitates easy communication between users that would otherwise require time-consuming appearances, telephone calls, and correspondence.
        • The case calendar allows deadlines and hearings to be tracked at a glance.
        The combination of these functions in a single, web-based program allows court and counsel to efficiently manage their caseload whether in the office or on the road.

      These design principles are backed by a commitment to service.  From case set-up through appeal, the Case Anywhere team is dedicated to meeting your case management needs.